We use FSC certified Nordic spruce. What does it mean?

Quality lies in the details

As a timber log house manufacturer with considerable experience, we take the quality of our buildings very seriously. What is the secret of a high quality timber log house you might ask? The answer is simple – we use the best available materials to create our products. One of them is Nordic spruce, which is carefully selected from our FSC-certified partners.

  • Depending on our clients’ requests we can provide products made of FCS-certified wood, but we also have other options available
  • Our suppliers have a long and successful history of providing high quality timber to both private and business customers
  • We carefully select the construction materials of our products to ensure the highest possible quality.

What is the FSC certificate?

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. The purpose of this organization is to promote responsible management of world’s forests. The FSC has set standards on forest products and they have the power to label them eco-friendly.

The FSC’s mission is: “Promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests”

FSC addresses issues such as global warming, illegal logging and deforestation – and their certificate is the ultimate testament to wooden product manufacturers of sustainable production methods and principles.

Astel Group has the FSC certificate for sales and production of garden houses

As sustainability in production becomes more and more important, we have decided to carry out our production work in an environmentally friendly way. This is why in addition to using wood from reliable sources we have aquired the FSC certificate for ourselves to manifest our high standards.

Looking to sell the timber products of Astel to your clients? Let’s discuss what the FSC standard could mean to your business and clients. Contact us!

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