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Sauna manufacturing - Nordic traditions, Estonian craftsmanship

Saunas have become must-haves for any spa or resort, but increasingly more people want to enjoy a sauna house or hot tub in their own backyards. This is an issue not of hygiene but of lifestyle – a sauna is the ultimate place to relax, meditate or spend time with friends. How have saunas and sauna traditions come to us and what wooden saunas are manufactured today? And more importantly – how can we help dealers find the types and models of saunas most desirable for their customers?

What types of saunas do we manufacture?

Astel Garden offers a variety of types of wooden saunas – sauna houses, barrel saunas, and hot tubs. As a company with a long tradition of making wooden products, including houses, we know how to manufacture high-quality saunas according to Nordic standards – and are able to also complete large orders for our dealers. What kinds of saunas do we manufacture in our wooden house factories?

Sauna houses and sauna cabins

Special purpose sauna houses or built-in steam rooms are the most widespread and common types of saunas in the world. 

Such a sauna complex usually has a steam room, a dressing room and a wash room, and often a terrace to cool off between taking steam baths as well.

History of saunas

The sauna as we know it today originated in the Nordic countries. Sauna culture and traditions developed simultaneously in Finland and the Baltic countries, where it remains an important part of daily life. The very first saunas were made as holes dug into hillsides, where stones were heated, then had water thrown onto them to create higher temperatures, as result of which the visitors took off their clothes.

The forerunner of the modern sauna is the smoke sauna, where stones placed in a wood-burning stove are heated for several hours, then the smoke produced by the stove is released, so that visitors could enjoy the residual heat stored in the stones and the oven itself.

The industrial revolution brought metal sauna stoves with wood heating, the smoke from which was released through chimneys.

This allowed the continual heating of a sauna, even during its use. Thus was born the traditional Finnish sauna, the internal temperature of which can exceed 100 degrees.

The migration of the Finns, Estonians, Latvians, Lithuanians and Russians to other countries, where they brought along their designs for and love of saunas, helped to spread the sauna tradition. In Europe, saunas became especially popular after World War II, in particular after Germans and Finns fought against Russians on the Finnish-Russian front. Finns’ hygiene was so reliant on saunas that they used portable sauna tents and built steam rooms in trenches.

A simple yet effective sauna design from our catalogue

The Germans, however, took over the sauna tradition and quickly spread it to Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and other European countries.

Nowadays, Finnish-style saunas can be found everywhere in the world, and owning a sauna or sauna house is just an inquiry or a phone call away. Sauna houses are manufactured and exported everywhere in the world – but the best saunas are still produced in the sauna’s birthplace, the Nordic countries and the Baltics.

What types of saunas do we manufacture?

Astel Garden manufactures sauna houses for every need – from stand-alone sauna houses with only dressing and steam rooms, to large garden houses with a specially designed steam room. In fact, all of our garden house models can be converted to sauna houses, or may additionally feature a steam room, giving dealers the flexibility to design exactly the sauna product line they desire.

In case of large orders, we are ready to manufacture saunas according to the customer’s drawings and designs – especially in cases where the customer wants products with the architecture features typical for a destination country. However, we also have house models which are specially designed as saunas and provide great sauna experiences.

What solutions do we use in our saunas?

For construction of Astel Garden saunas, we use thermo-treated wood, which can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, so that it does not warp, damaging a sauna’s thermal and weather resistance.

Years of experience in design and construction of saunas have given us the knowledge and skills to direct the movement of air and water vapor in the steam room for the even distribution of heat.

To ensure that saunas heat up sufficiently and quickly, we offer high-quality Harvia sauna stoves. We can offer sauna houses with electric heaters and woodburning stoves.

Our benches are manufactured from alder, which does not become hot when a sauna is heated.

All saunas, like our garden houses, are delivered to customers as an installation kit, which includes all the materials and instructions necessary for a simple and convenient installation process.

Barrel saunas

The advent of barrel saunas has made saunas easily accessible to anyone who longs to have one in their backyard. Functional design, easy installation and the minimal need for a foundation make it a convenient sauna for anyone.

History of barrel saunas

Within the long history of saunas, barrel saunas are a relatively recent phenomenon. The first barrel saunas appeared in the second half of the 20th century, approximately at the same time that wooden hot tubs were also gaining popularity. Barrel saunas are based on an enlarged version of whiskey and wine barrels, making the production of barrel saunas relatively inexpensive.

At the same time, the unique design of the barrel sauna is its greatest advantage. Due to its round shape, the outer wall of the barrel sauna is simultaneously a supporting structure and an inner wall, saving a significant amount of material compared to a classic sauna house. At the same time, the barrel sauna does not require roof trusses, and roofing can be installed directly on atop the barrel sauna.

Lower material consumption makes transporting of barrel saunas easier –installation kits are smaller and weigh less, making them easier and cheaper to transport worldwide. The most common way to sell and store barrel saunas is in the form of an installation kit, with which one does not need much time or skill to assemble a ready-made barrel sauna.

Due to its peculiar shape, there is no higher or lower bench in the barrel sauna, but the tubular design gives the barrel sauna another advantage –heat moves and spreads within the whole sauna evenly.

What types of barrel saunas do we manufacture?

Our barrel saunas range starts from the simplest sauna for 2-4 people, which covers basic needs – it has a steam room, sauna stove and dress room. From there on, it is possible to complement barrel saunas with larger steam and dressing rooms and a comfortable terrace to cool off between taking steam baths.

What solutions do we use for manufacturing barrel saunas?

Our barrel saunas’ exterior cladding is made of thermo-treated wood – because the quality of a barrel sauna depends greatly on how the exterior boards fit together, creating a damp and airtight space.

The bench boards are made of alder, which does not become too hot when a sauna is heated. The door windows are of tempered glass and the regular window in the back wall of the steam room can be optionally replaced with a romantic half-moon window, which allows you to look outside while enjoying the sauna.

Stainless steel rims on the outside of sauna cladding provide a tight connection of the sauna boards, and a rubber seal specially designed for the sauna contributes to the thermal insulation of the windows. It is possible to install LED lighting under the benches, and on the armrests of the terrace seats can be placed accessories, like cup holders.

Our barrel saunas are equipped with high quality Harvia electric heaters or woodburning stoves, making sauna heating fast and comfortable.

Wooden hot tubs

Hot tubs are particularly popular in winter, as they can be enjoyed outdoors even amid snow. Today, the hot tub saunas are popular worldwide.

History of hot tubs

The tradition of hot-water baths dates back to ancient Egypt, but real worldwide popularity came to wooden hot tubs in the second half of the 20th century. Japan is considered the birthplace of wooden hot tubs, as they have been using them for meditation and relaxation for more than 1000 years.

After World War II, this tradition was brought by soldiers to the United States, and there the first hot tubs were built using the techniques similar to the construction of wine barrels, adding woodburning stoves for heating water. Although the first hot tubs leaked and collected dirt and bacteria, they began to spread worldwide.

In the 1960s, the hot tubs for the first time received a fiberglass and acrylic inner surface that made them hygienic and easy to clean, and thus was born the hot tub now popular worldwide.

What kind of hot tubs do we manufacture?

Astel Garden hot tubs are made of high-quality wood, and their fiberglass lining makes them easy to maintain. We offer hot tubs of various sizes that are perfect for any terrace and easy to move when needed.

What solutions do we use for manufacturing of hot tubs?

Although hot tubs are simple in design, manufacturing them requires diligence and craftsmanship. Carefully selected and well processed materials help achieve the best results. Astel Garden hot tubs are made of thermo-treated wood.

Our hot tubs are heated by woodburning stoves, which enable you to adjust the temperature of water as needed.

Hot tubs are transported in assembled form; in addition to the sauna, the set includes also a stove, a chimney and piping for heating the water.

Expert Nordic knowledge in manufacturing saunas

We work together with the best sauna experts in the Baltics to ensure that our saunas have a pleasant indoor climate, are user-friendly and of high quality. We offer a wide range of saunas and the opportunity to use our production facilities and specialists to produce the kind of saunas your customers seek. We actively invest into our product development and are constantly updating our range of saunas so that more and more dealers can find exactly what their clients seek in our Astel Garden Sauna Catalogue.

Why order saunas from us?

Astel Group is the most experienced timber structure manufacturer in the Baltic States. We put over 70 years of experience into producing high-quality products.

We provide complete solutions to our dealers worldwide. Some of the solutions we offer for large orders are:

  • Modify products or manufacture them according to your own production drawings
  • Customer branded packaging
  • Delivery status monitoring
  • Storage
  • shipping directly to the end customer
  • Flexible financing conditions

And much more. We guarantee the fast delivery and high quality of our products, and our customer support will assist you with any questions you may have.

We are looking for partners all over the world who would like to offer their clients Nordic quality saunas, hot tubs, and other wooden products. Want to offer your clients Nordic quality saunas? Get in touch with us!

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