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Palma - barrel sauna for 2-4 people

Palma is a barrel sauna that covers the bare essentials - a changing room and a steam room for up to 4 people's enjoyment. The options for this sauna include a full glass door, but also a half-moon shaped window in the steam room to enjoy the view during the sessions.

Want to add other features? Our barrel sauna models have different customization options for wholesale clients in case of bulk orders. It is also possible to propose us your own blueprints and have the saunas manufactured by our specialists in high Nordic quality.

Our barrel saunas come as a flat pack and are easy to assemble. We include all the materials required in order to assemble a fully functioning sauna into your backyard or anywhere else you fancy. Contact us for our catalogue models or custom saunas!

2 x 300 x 500mm
Electrical / Wood burning
45mm + 28mm
FSC on request
Nordic thermowood
2050 x 3400mm

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