Lisa B 44 – our best-selling garden room in the UK

A garden building with limitless uses!

Not many of our garden room models get the spotlight, but some seem more memorable than others. One of these models is Lisa B 44, with almost 40 models sold in the UK during the last six months!

What makes it so popular among our British customers? Let’s try to highlight some features that make Lisa B 44 a customer favourite.

A spacious single room layout and large windows

Lisa B 44 provides over 20m2 of open space that is not interrupted by beams or enforcements. Just wide open space that gives no restrictions to planning your dream garden room.

This wide-open space is filled with light because Lisa B 44 has two sides worth of floor-to-ceiling windows and terrace doors.

Modern garden room design

As many garden buildings nowadays do, Lisa B 44 has a flat roof. It makes the building look sleek and modern, attracting many customers who don’t want another gable roof shed.

The looks of the building are enhanced by a small terrace area on two sides, but also wooden decorative elements at the ends of the terrace. It is a real eye-catcher at the bottom of your garden.

An attractive price point

Lisa B 44 is manufactured of high-quality 44 mm logs, which are less expensive than 70 mm logs but perfect for creating an insulated garden room that is usable all year round. It means that it offers exceptional value for money for those looking for a beautiful summerhouse and those who want to create an insulated garden building. 

Limitless uses

A garden office, granny annexe, man cave, garden gym, garden games room, teenager room, garden studio, etc. The uses for Lisa B 44 a virtually limitless.

If you’re looking for a beautiful, versatile garden room, the Lisa B 44 is a great choice! Want to know more? Have a look at Lisa B 44 garden room model in our UK retail store

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