Garden houses to Japan? No problem!

Wooden houses wholesale to global distributors

Today 80-95% of Estonian timber log products are exported all over the World. Astel is no different – we love to share our high quality timber garden houses, saunas and other products with the rest of the World.

  • Our excellence in creating timber log products is valued across the globe
  • We provide custom made timber log products for wholesale and business customers on every continent
  • Our primary market is Europe but we gladly accept bulk order from anywhere in the world

The markets for different goods are getting more and more global. High quality products made of Estonian timber have become commonplace on every market.

Astel has a long tradition of exporting its products to different parts of the world. Our venture which started from the local Estonian market, has grown significantly and this is just the beginning of our ambitious journey.

Versatility is the key to success

We have focused our efforts on wholesale and business clients who have the knowledge of the target market. This way we can produce custom made products to meet the exact needs of our clients and the wishes of the end users.

We have a range of catalogue products to offer, but most of our orders are custom-made and carried out according to the blueprints of our clients. Flexibility and versatility help us guarantee the best results!

The advantages for wholseale and business customers

Our goal is to provide a high quality service to clients anywhere in the world. We offer flexible delivery and payment methods and enable our wholesale and business clients to customize product chacteristics to meet their specific needs. The customizable variables include:

  • Custom designs and changes to our catalogue products
  • Different wall profiles and thicknesses
  • Custom labeling of our products
  • Custom packaging 
  • A selection of roof covering materials
  • different types of windows, doors etc.

Our wholsale and business clients will also benefit from seasonal price stability, product tracking possibilities, starage possibility and efficient customer support.

We will do everything in our power to deliver your high quality products fast and with a reasonable price.

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