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Garden houses from Estonia

Astel Garden is a brand of Astel Group that has been a dedicated garden house manufacturer for over 70 years. Having handed the experience of wooden house manufacturing down from generation to generation, we have established a level of excellence valued across the globe. Timber is the most sustainable building material available – and we carefully craft it into high-quality products in our Estonian house factories.

Our goal is to provide global distributors with different types of garden rooms with fast delivery and reasonable prices while maintaining trusted Nordic quality standards.

Garden house manufacturing in Estonia and in the Baltics

In 2018, Estonia contributed 24% of all of the timber buildings exported from the European Union when comparing the size of the country with some financial superpowers of Europe, this number seems crazy but represents the expertise and capabilities of the local wooden house manufacturers.

The Estonian garden house manufacturing industry, among the wooden house industry, is a force to be reckoned with on the global scale – more than 90 % of the products of Estonian wooden house manufacturers are exported to the global market. In fact, Estonia is the largest wooden house exporter in the European Union by production volume. 

More than 90 % of the products of Estonian wooden house manufacturers are exported to the global market.

Estonian wooden house export volumes eclipse the numbers of other Baltic states with the primary export markets being the Scandinavian countries, Germany and the Netherlands.

Astel Garden – the most experienced garden house manufacturer in the Baltics

From about 180 active wooden house manufacturers in Estonia and a few hundred more in Latvia and Lithuania, Astel is the most experienced manufacturer of wooden buildings in the Baltics. Our first factory in Rakvere started manufacturing milled log houses over 70 years ago and is still producing wooden houses today.

The story of Astel Garden begins in 1992 when the father of our CEO Raul Kinks started building wooden garden houses. Since then, we have constantly expanded our product range and knowledge base. We have also sought new markets and acquired additional ventures (one of them being Rakvere Metsamajand with over 70 years wooden house manufacturing experience) to follow our goal of constant growth. 

Increasing demand means that, more than ever, we need to increase our production capacity, especially for the mass production of garden houses.

Our success comes partly down to luck and intuition, but most of all, to our great team. We have excellent experience in project management and efficient customer support. 

The transportation capabilities of today and active global export market have opened up the possibility to export our products to anywhere in the world. 

The advantage of producing wooden houses in Estonia is that we can provide high quality at a reasonable price. With a highly qualified workforce and decades worth of competence, we are able to complete large orders in a short timeframe while keeping costs down. 

Sustainable and responsible garden house factory

The key to the success of Astel and other wooden house factories is the sustainability of wood as a construction material. To take it one step further, our house factories in Estonia use only wood from FSC certified partners. Furthermore, we have acquired the FSC certificate of design, production, and sales of garden buildings. 

Estonian garden house manufacturers can benefit from using Nordic spruce and pine. The four seasons hinder the growth of these trees, making the growth process slower. This means that the growth rings are closer together and the wood is more dense, making it more stable. That’s why Nordic spruce is valued highly across the world.

We carefully craft this beautiful material into timber products of the highest quality in our Estonian garden house factories. Our two factories in Räpina have a production area of 8000m², and our production complex in Rakvere has over 6000m² of indoor production space.

What kinds of wooden products we manufacture?

Astel’s main area of expertise is manufacturing products made of timber, such as garden houses, sheds, holiday houses, garages, carports, saunas etc. We develop, design, produce and deliver buildings all over the world. As the most experienced garden house manufacturer in Estonia, we have produced a great variety of garden rooms and structures, including:

  • Garden houses
  • Cottages
  • Cabins
  • Garages
  • Carports
  • Sheds
  • Weekend houses
  • Log cabins
  • Barrel saunas
  • Hot tubs
  • Prefab wall element houses
  • Gazebos
  • Pavilions
  • Playhouses
  • Home office cabins

Our portfolio includes hundreds of thousands of summerhouses, private houses and garden houses, that have been exported from our Estonian house factories to foreign, primarily European markets.

What else do we produce?

An example of our folding door system

The advantage of being a high-quality garden house manufacturer is that we have the knowledge and production resources to provide all of the necessary wooden elements for our products. We produce different types of windows, door systems, terraces and wooden stairs. The types of doors and windows we manufacture range from simple single-glazed products for sheds to triple-glazed windows, double doors and sliding door systems.

Become our garden house distributor

As a garden house manufacturer in Estonia we are actively looking for new markets across the globe. Our experiences thus far have shown that the best way to expand and tap into the knowledge of local markets is by using global distributors, who have an interest in providing their clients with our high-quality timber products.

Want to expand your wooden product portfolio or a new brand line of garden houses? We offer white-label solutions with the option of custom branding and packaging our garden houses as you wish. Furthermore, we can deliver the products directly to the end customer or store the products in our facilities.

A white-label partnership with the most experienced wooden house producer in the Baltics enables you to design the products as you wish by using all of the technical solutions we have to offer. The options include different log profiles, doors, windows, insulation, roofing materials etc. We can offer flexible financing options and guarantee seasonal price stability to our partners. 

Our products are packaged as installation kits that include everything needed for a smooth installation at the actual construction site. 

What are the advantages of Astel Garden?

In addition to our catalogue products, we construct the custom designs proposed by our clients based on their own blueprints.

Customizable product characteristics include wall thickness, roofing material, roof and floorboards, doors, windows, etc.

Our customers can request custom labeling and packaging for the products.

Our wholesale customers benefit from direct product tracking and we can arrange delivery directly to the end client anywhere in the world.

Need room to store your bulk orders? We can offer storage possibility for ordered products. Ask for more information!

Any product, delivery, or aftersales questions are handled by our quick and efficient customer support.

Garden buildings from Estonia

With modern manufacturing technologies, innovative thinking and constant improvement, we have become one of the leading forces of timber log house manufacturing in the world.

Astel Garden is the first and longest-running wooden house manufacturer in Estonia. We are proud to have this kind of experience and ability to make high-quality products from the most sustainable construction material in the world available for everyone.

Looking for a garden house manufacturer in the Baltics? Look no further. Contact our representatives and let’s lift your business to another level.

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