Garden building trends in 2021

What garden buildings to sell in 2021?

[Updated on July 07, 2021]

What types of garden buildings are and will be popular in 2021? We decided to have a look at some types of garden buildings to help you decide, what to stock up on with summer edging closer to what to provide to your customers this year. As the world is changing rapidly, customer demands regarding garden buildings have also changed and the demand is higher than ever before! These types of garden buildings will surely be hits in 2021.

Garden offices

The first garden building type that is still increasing in demand in 2021 are garden offices. simple timber garden rooms with some additional insulation and a basic heater provide a private workspace for office workers that probably have to work from home until the virus spread is under control.

With lead times of all providers getting longer and longer the market is primed for beautiful new garden offices that can be delivered and installed quickly, creating a much-needed workspace for those that work behind the kitchen table. Many are realising that their home office arrangements might become permanent and this is a great opportunity to offer them a dedicated work space. 

Saunas, steam rooms, steam saunas and hot tubs

As the spas are closed people are looking for ways to treat themselves at home. One of the spa treatments that is accessible to many people with a house and garden is a sauna.

We have noticed an increase in demand for barrel saunas, simple steam rooms, steam saunas and hot tubs during the virus outbreak and this demand will likely stay high or increase in 2021.

It’s smart to start providing your clients with high-quality Nordic saunas – have a look at our available options here:

Hobby rooms, man caves, and she sheds

Families spend more time together in the house and although it is nice to strengthen family bonds, everyone needs a break once in a while. That’s why dedicated man caves and she sheds are gaining in popularity. They were becoming more and more popular even before the virus outbreak but are now becoming an integral part of peoples lives in order to remain sanity during tough times.

Garden rooms models that are beautifully made, compact and preferably available with insulation are perfect for this purpose, you can contact our customer support to find suitable models!

Garden Pubs

Pubs and restaurants are closed for periods of time but people still would love to go to the pub. That’s why many people are taking the matter into their own hands and are creating a pub of their dreams in their very own garden.

A garden room with a generous veranda or a terrace is perfect for that, allowing to have a seat and a nice cold pint outside in the summer, but providing warmth and a large TV to watch football or snooker when it’s cold outside. 

Many people also fit their garden pubs with a beer tap and memorabilia to make the experience even more authentic – so it’s definitely a segment that is worth exploring!

Garden Gyms

As the gyms are also closed for periods of time, people are seeking options to work out from their home. This is also a trend supported by people valuing their time more and wanting to skip the often time-consuming commute to the gym. Like all of the options above, a garden gym is a great investment not only for 2021 but for years to come, boosting health and helping to save time.

If you’re interested in selling some of our models as home gyms, please consult with us because home gyms usually require a higher ceiling and an extra-strong floor. These model modifications can be discussed with our product development team and the models created in collaboration usually become our new catalogue models.

Playhouses and playrooms

As the family spends most of the time together at home, kids also need a room away from the main house to explore and take a break. It’s also a great way for parents to keep their children occupied and get a break or some focused time to work at home.

We have a selection of smaller garden rooms that make for great playhouses – if you need help choosing suitable models for your customers, get in touch with us!


With travel restrictions and lockdowns around the World, people who spent their money on travelling are currently grounded and look at the prospect of spending their summer and holidays in their own back yard. 

A nice summerhouse is a great way to add functionality to the garden and make the prospect of spending the holidays at home a little less bleak. What’s even better, summerhouses are simpler structures without insulation which makes them more affordable for the end customer!

We’ll help you with choosing the right models for your product portfolio

If you’re looking to add fresh models to your garden building catalogue, we’re here to help you out! These testing times are also a great opportunity to provide quality garden buildings to those who are actively seeking them and we’re here to help you with hundreds of models and more than 70 years of manufacturing experience.

Reach out to us, describe your needs and let’s see how we can help you out with Nordic quality garden buildings!

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