Garages and carports for any kind of vehicles


A car lasts longer when it is protected from the elements. Excessive exposure to the sun, ice, snow, hail and flying debris can harm a car, sometimes beyond repair. In order to protect cars from the perils of nature, we have a selection of timber log carports and garages available.

We are able to adapt our garage and carport models for different shapes and sizes depending on the type of vehicle being sheltered. Our garage models are suitable and adaptable to store any kind of vehicle, including speedboats, trailers and motorbikes. We can also manufacture garages for one or multiple cars.

Based on client request, we can add additional rooms and spaces for power tools, tyres and anything else that is best kept secure and dry.

Our product catalogue includes a wealth of different wooden garages and carports of different styles and purposes, but we are always happy to customize our projects and create custom solutions. 

Let’s run your ideas by our team of designers and engineers and make it happen with high quality.

For wholesale and business customers offer flexible pricing and payment options. Depending on the climate and client requests we can offer different types of roofing, log thicknesses, windows and other materials.

Would you like us to send the product directly to the end customer in custom packaging? Or maybe want the possibility to stock your products? Contact us and we will arrange manufacturing and shipping to match your preferences.

Need high quality timber garages and carports?

Astel is your partner in creating high-quality timber log products for every need. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you.

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