Energy-efficient timber frame houses


Astel Group has a wealth of experience not only in producing timber log houses, but also prefabricated timber frame houses and modular buildings. Timber frame houses are built with high quality under controlled factory conditions and have been proven to stand the test of time.

Our prefabricated timber frame houses are built of closed and insulated wall elements, which are usually completed in the factory from start to finish and assembled on a foundation in a matter of days. 

Although prefabricated wall elements are closed, we make no compromises regarding the construction and insulation materials. The source material is integral regarding the longevity of our buildings.

We are able to manufacture different types of buildings made of wall elements – from garden houses to multi-storey residential buildings. The main construction material is FSC certified timber, but we have different kinds of interior and exterior finishes available.

We have different types of wall constructions to choose from.

We produce element houses according to the designs and wishes of our clients. Construction with prefabricated wall elements is a significant time saver because the foundations can be built at the same time as the wall elements. 

The factories of Astel can produce different construction elements – from wall elements, ceiling elements and terraces to roof trusses.

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