Astel – the best timber log houses come from Estonia

Quality, traditions, craftsmanship

Timber has been the traditional construction material for Estonian homes for hundreds of years. The skills of creating timber log houses have been long passed on from father to son – and perfected over the generations. Wooden Nordic houses have stood up to the test of time and kept our families warm and safe even during the coldest of winters.

The oldest timber log houses in Estonia are more than 300 years old – but other Nordic countries have wooden houses that date back up to 1000 years.

Estonian timber houses manufacturing started over 70 years ago in one of our factories. This makes us the first and longest running timber log house factory in the Baltic States.

We at Astel Group are proud to have this kind of experience, because timber is the most sustainable building material.

Nowadays, wooden house manufacturing is one of Estonia’s key industries, with 85-90% of houses exported to destinations around the world. This is a true testament to the quality and craftsmanship of Estonian wooden houses – clients in Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia, China and elsewhere are increasingly interested in what we have to offer.

  • We have experience exporting our products to anywhere in the world.
  • Our markets include South America, Canada, Africa, Australia, China, Japan and, of course, our primary market, Europe.
  • Our mission is to provide high quality timber log houses and products to private and business customers and to be renowned for it all over the world.

...Made from sturdy Estonian spruce and pine, the garden houses and log cabins of Astel are crafted with great care to honour the traditions of our ancestors. The true Nordic quality comes from careful planning and design, high quality materials and many years of experience.

Timber log houses for every occasion

Having manufactured timber log houses for over 70 years, Astel has a wealth of different models for wooden structures from carports and garages to saunas and log cabins. We are always open to create unique new houses for our clients, but can also modify our existing models.

We are open to order of different scale from business customers and wholesale clients – and can offer flexibility in every aspect of timber log house production. Need to change the construction materials and roofing or want to build a custom product range? We can help you out. Need a storage
possiblity or want us to ship the products straight to the end customer in custom-made packaging? We can arrange that! Our end goal is to provide high quality timber log products for every market and every need – have a look at some of our products from the current product range below.

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