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75 years of experience with garden buildings and saunas

Astel Garden Group Welcomes You

We have over 75 years of experience with wooden garden buildings. Today there are several companies that belong to our Astel Garden Group (AGG). Thanks to our many different production and retail business units, our products and services are available in more than 25 markets worldwide. Welcome to our customers' community!

What we offer

We cover the whole range of log and timber frame houses – from garages, carports, saunas and garden houses, to squared log houses. Our craftsmen have decades of experience, through which we have established excellence that is valued across the globe. Some of our timber log products are:

Product Categories We Do Have In Our Nordic Portfolio

Timber Homes

We manufacture a variety of different timber log houses – traditional log houses, summer houses, forest cottages, garden sheds etc.

Log cabins

We have a selection of log cabin modules available, from different designs to sizes. Our products can be modified according to the needs of our clients.

Garden houses and cottages

We have a number of models to offer ranging from simple small houses to bigger garden houses with several rooms and terraces.

Garages and carports

In order to protect cars from the perils of nature, we have a selection of timber log carports and garages available for wholesale clients.

Home office cabins

Astel’s home office cabins are designed to provide a calm and private working space – they can be used as an office, home studio or something else.

Pavilions and sheds

We create pavilions of different shapes and sizes – with custom layouts, different number of windows etc.- to suit every client’s wants and needs.

Barrel saunas

We produce barrel saunas with different sizes and features – with one room or with an additional changing room, terraces, glass back walls, etc.

Hot tubs

Want a terrace to cool down between the sessions? We’ve got you covered. We create saunas and hot tubs with different capacities and sizes.

Plug&Play Saunas, Steam Rooms

We have different plug & play saunas and steam rooms. These easy-to-use and always-ready spa products make every home more luxurious. Just plug in a socket and garden water hose and enjoy!

Garden accessories

We offer a wide range of garden accessories for your garden buildings. For example terrace boards, terrace barriers, wooden fence systems, artificial grass and much more.

Garden Furniture

We also deliver different wooden and artificial material furniture for gardens. Thoughtful and nice design elements are an important part of your backyard.


We provide fully equipped wooden playgrounds for your children to enjoy. Products are made from natural resources and are safe and durable.

Our Story

More than 75 years of experience
in timber log house manufacturing


Our factories have over a hundred years of collective experience, but our longest running venture is our timber log house factory in Rakvere, Estonia. It has produced log houses for over 70 years – making it the oldest wooden house factory in the Baltic states.

How it started?

The first AstelGarden was established in 1992 as a family business. Since that the company has grown and developed a lot. With each year we offer a wider variety of products. We have also invested in better production technology to deliver only top quality.

We have expanded our client portfolio and sales geography every year. In order to meet market demands, we acquired a new production unit, which was established in 1947.

Today our production units work together successfully, in order to produce high quality, trendy and sustainable Nordic wood products to our customers. We are excited to bring more models on the market and expand as a business.

Latest trends and developments

Our innovative garden buildings have been a source of joy for families around the world! We've had the privilege to help transform lives in over 30 different countries, from England and Ireland to Australia and Italy. With over 200,000+ units sold worldwide, we're delighted that our products are creating more space and happiness everywhere they go!

We Are Green

We care a lot about nature, so have chosen only sustainable resources for our products. We are always looking for more sustainable and resource responsible options and technologies. The same expectations are for our suppliers and partners. Astel Garden's commitment to the environment is clear - we have an FSC® certificate, meaning our stunning Nordic timber has been sourced from suppliers that take care of forests responsibly. So you can enjoy beautiful wood products while being eco-friendly!

Our supply chain is committed to minimizing wooden material waste. We're proud that we've almost reached our goal of 100% re-use or recycling - the leftover wood goes towards heating our plants, producing pellets, and making other products as well. We’re striving to make our production units more environmentally friendly! In the next five years, we want 80% of all energy needs coming from renewable sources. We already have 40%, and soon – with solar panel parks in construction – we plan on having zero emissions during day-time hours!

Our portfolio includes thousands of summer, garden and private houses. Although we have an extensive portfolio with a wide range of different products, we are flexible – most of our products can be custom-made according to our clients’ requirements. We can also adapt our pre-existing designs to the needs and wishes of our customers.


Years of experience

2 million

m2 of buildings delivered


Countries we deliver to

1 million

Happy clients

At Astel Group, we make sure all our building materials are of the highest possible quality to give you incredible results. We source Nordic spruce from FSC®-certified suppliers for maximum durability and performance. Plus, with tailored product characteristics and flexible delivery options available on request, there's no need to settle for a standard solution!

Having skilled and motivated staff is crucial for a company to offer good products and services. At our company, we prioritize creating a fair and supportive work environment, and we place a high value on ensuring work safety. See our Astel Labor Policy


We have distributors located on every continent. If you're looking for a distributor, please send us a request, and we'll direct you to the appropriate contact person.

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