We manufacture timber log houses according to the wishes of our clients – traditional rounded log houses, summer houses, forest cottages, garden houses etc.

We have a selection of different log cabin modules, but gladly create bespoke cabins or modify our products according to the needs of our clients.

We have a number of models to offer ranging from simple small houses to bigger garden houses with several rooms and terraces.

In order to protect cars from the perils of nature, we have a selection of timber log carports and garages available for wholesale clients.

Astel’s home office cabins are designed to provide a calm and private working space – whether an office, home studio or something else.

We create pavilions of different shapes and sizes – with custom layouts, different number of windows etc.- to suit every client group and market.

We produce barrel saunas with different sizes and features – with one room or with an additional changing room, terraces, glass back walls, etc.

We create saunas and hot tubs with different capacities and sizes. Want a terrace to cool down between the sessions? We’ve got you covered.

We are able to manufacture different types of buildings made of wall elements – from garden houses to camping barrels. Ask us for a quote!


We meet the deadlines

Our process management system is ISO-certified – we are always looking to become more efficient and better meet our project deadlines. We won’t let you down.

Fast delivery

We are experienced in delivering our products all over the world – from Europe to Asia, Australia, Japan, Canada, and more. You can count on us to deliver our products on time.

Custom solutions

We have a wooden house catalog with a large variety of products for every customer’s needs – but most of our houses are custom-made according to the blueprints of our clients.

The collective experience of the house factories operating under the Astel Group is well over a hundred years. Under different brand names we cover the whole range of timber, timber log and timber frame houses – from garages, carports, saunas and garden houses to squared log houses, element houses and modular buildings from business clients.

The main area of expertise of Astel is manufacturing products made of timber: garden houses, sheds, holiday houses, garages, carports, saunas, etc. We develop, design, produce and deliver buildings all over the World. While our primary market is Europe, we have exported to Japan, Asia, Canada, Africa, Australia and elsewhere

Our portfolio includes hundreds of thousands of summer, garden and private houses. Although we have an extensive portfolio and house catalogue with a wide range of different products, we offer flexibility to our clients – most of our products are custom-made to the blueprints of our clients. We can also adapt our preexisting products to the needs and wishes of our customers, but also for different markets.

Contact us for tailor-made wooden houses with high, Nordic quality. 

More than 70 years of experience in timber log and timber frame house production

Trust our experience

Estonian timber houses manufacturing started over 70 years ago in one of our factories.
If you are looking for Nordic quality, look no further


Raul Kinks


Over 20 years of experience in modular and timber log house production

Ragne Visnapuu

Sales Manager (EST, ENG)

We develop, design, produce and deliver buildings all over the world

Viktoria Kondranina

Sales Manager (EST, RUS, ENG, FRA, ESP)

While our primary market is Europe, we have exported to Japan, Asia, Canada, Africa, Australia and other parts of the world

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Need timber log houses, cabins, saunas, garden houses, carports or any other timber structures? From your own blueprints or from our product catalogue? Contact us – we’ve got you covered!

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    We have exported our garden houses and saunas all over the World

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